D&M Auto Leasing: The Advantages of Leasing vs. Buying a Vehicle

D&M Auto Leasing of Grand Prairie, Texas, has been in the business of leasing quality vehicles for more than 30 years. Leasing instead of purchasing a vehicle can offer a number of advantages to consumers.

1. Leasing typically allows you to have lower monthly payments than when buying. In some cases, you may qualify for a lease with little or no down payment. As a result, you may be able to afford a more luxurious vehicle.

2. Because leases cover a relatively short period of time, sometimes as little as two years, there are fewer worries concerning vehicle maintenance. If mechanical issues do pop up, most of them will be covered by the factory warranty for the duration of the lease term.

3. With leasing, you don’t have to worry about selling or trading in your vehicle. At the end of the lease term, you simply return the vehicle to the leasing company and lease another vehicle if you wish.

4. Leasing provides certain tax benefits. For instance, if you are self-employed, you may be able to take some or all of your lease expense as a tax write-off.


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