The Benefits of Corporate Car Leasing

Based in Grand Prairie, Texas, and serving clients throughout the Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas, D&M Auto Leasing has provided corporate clients with reliable car leases for more than three decades. Thanks in part to a skilled customer service staff, D&M Leasing clients can enjoy all the financial advantages of leasing corporate cars rather than purchasing.

Businesses that find themselves acquiring and using multiple vehicles per year may benefit from leasing a fleet of cars instead. The decision to lease allows a company to replenish and update their fleet on an annual or bi-annual basis and to maintain a progressive image in the public eye.

Corporate leasing also can yield a number of financial benefits, including tax deductions. A leased automobile generally carries fewer upfront costs than a new car, while demanding less maintenance and repairs. Monthly insurance rates on a leased car, meanwhile, can come in at just 50 percent that of purchased cars. These savings can be directed to more important business ventures and used to strengthen a company’s bottom line. Interested businesses can fund their initial foray into leasing by liquidating their current vehicle assets.


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