Leasing vs. Buying a Car

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D&M Leasing
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For more than 38 years, D&M Leasing has developed customized lease agreements for clients. D&M Leasing has customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Houston, and other Texas communities and provides service at all stages of the leasing process, from vehicle selection to delivery.

When a customer buys a car, he or she commits to paying its full value, regardless of intended amount of driving or wear. This commitment means that the buyer will keep the car indefinitely and will also assume full responsibility for any repairs the car needs during its lifetime. The owner may sell the car at any time but would only receive its depreciated value.

In contrast, a customer who leases a car has the right to drive the car for a specified period of time, although the leasing entity retains ownership of the car. The leasing company provides rights in exchange for specified up-front costs, which may include a security deposit and the equivalent of a down payment as well as the first month’s costs. Monthly charges are typically significantly less than the payments a buyer would make on a car loan, as charges only cover depreciation and any applicable taxes. The customer must return the car at the end of the specified period, although he or she may be able to purchase the vehicle or sign a new lease at the end of the term.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Leading U.S. Christian Sports Group

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes
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Established by two Dallas-area auto dealers in 1976, D&M Auto Leasing has attained status as the largest consumer vehicle leasing company in the United States. The leadership of D&M Auto Leasing believes in supporting worthy causes in the communities it serves and demonstrates this commitment by supporting quality organizations, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

Since 1976, the FCA has challenged coaches and student athletes to demonstrate their faith through participation in various programs. Holding status as the largest Christian sports organization in the United States, the FCA has a presence in 47 countries around the world. The organization provides several ways for athletes and coaches to get involved, including small group Bible studies called huddles and camps that provide opportunity for athletic skill development and scripture study. In addition, the FCA coordinates international trips with its staff members and partner organizations around the world.

In addition to providing community-based programming, the FCA has a strong campus ministry through which it reaches coaches and athletes at the junior high, high school, and collegiate levels. Through all its programs, the FCA aims to motivate people to make an impact in the world for Christ.

Wish Fulfillment Program Grants Wishes of Ill Children

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Children’s Wish Foundation International
Image: childrenswish.org

Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Leasing also maintains locations in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. The company operates with a goal of providing customers with the information they need to obtain the best leasing deals nationwide. D&M Leasing also contributes to charities benefiting children, such as the Children’s Wish Foundation International (CWFI), which manages initiatives like the Wish Fulfillment Program.

CWFI’s Wish Fulfillment Program has granted the wishes of children in 53 countries worldwide and works with the support of dedicated individuals and organizations. Program coordinators create itineraries and provide all necessary arrangements and accommodations for each child’s wish, including travel plans, expenses, volunteer support, and tickets. Utilizing over 20 years of experience in designing wishes, coordinators personalize each wish to the child’s individual preferences and desires.

Children eligible for the program include any individual under 18 diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. The Wish Fulfillment Program also offers accommodation services to children unable to verbalize their wish due to cognitive level or age through the Young Minds Program. Young Minds allows eligible children to choose from a list of special gifts that include a toy and doll collection, activity assortment, and a television with a DVD player and movie collection.

To refer a child to the program or learn more, visit the Wish Fulfillment Program page at childrenswish.org/programs/wish-fulfillment.