Academic and Developmental Programs at Girls Inc. of Tarrant County

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D&M Auto Leasing is a Grand Prairie, Texas-based consumer auto leasing company with additional offices in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Since 1976, D&M Auto Leasing has been an integral part of its communities as not only a customer-focused provider of leased vehicles but also a supporter of Texas nonprofits such as Girls Incorporated of Tarrant County.

Girls Incorporated of Tarrant County is a branch of the national nonprofit youth organization Girls Incorporated, an organization with the goals of empowering young women to be strong, smart, and bold. Girls Inc. of Tarrant County offers educational programs that focus on both academic and personal development subjects in an effort to give girls the tools to lead successful lives.

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County programs include initiatives for general literacy as well as economic and media literacy. Its Operation Smart initiative focuses on fostering a passion for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, while the Girls Inc. Leadership and Community Action program is aimed at building leadership skills through community service projects. Other programs include those encouraging positive social interactions and managing physical and emotional health.

Additionally, Girls Inc. of Tarrant County provides students with resources through the College and Career Readiness program, which includes topics such as How to Determine Your Next Phase in Education and How to Finance a College Education.


Things to Think About Before Leasing a Vehicle

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D&M Leasing

Formed by two Dallas-area car dealers nearly three decades ago, D&M Leasing has become the top consumer car-leasing firm in the United States. Throughout its history, D&M Leasing has gained significant business from repeat and referral customers who recognize the company’s commitment to value and service. For many people, leasing rather than buying gives them an option to drive a vehicle they could not otherwise afford and with lower monthly payments.

When leasing a car, an individual generally has to make a small down payment and commit to monthly payments for a set lease term. At the end of the term, the lessee returns the car to the dealer. Most leases include an annual mileage cap and require the lessee to keep the car in good cosmetic and functional condition. A lessee may incur additional charges at the end of the lease if he or she exceeds the mileage cap or if the vehicle shows excessive wear and tear.

Before selecting a vehicle for lease, individuals should understand what type of vehicle they desire and current market rates for that vehicle, and they should take a test drive, if possible. In addition, lessees should determine how much they want to put down as an upfront payment, since larger down payments can result in lower monthly payments. Working with a reputable vehicle-leasing company, such as D&M Leasing, is the best way to have a positive leasing experience. – Trusted Source of Consumer Reviews of Dealerships pic

A top provider of leased vehicles for consumer and commercial customers, D&M Auto Leasing earns more than three-quarters of its annual business from repeat or referral customers. As a testament to its focus on customer service excellence, D&M Auto Leasing earned Dealer of the Year honors in 2015 from consumer review site,

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By providing an online venue for consumers to express opinions about their experiences with dealers, has built a vibrant user community that has significant influence over the decision-making process of millions of individuals. In addition to offering a vital service to consumers, provides services to dealers to help them target the right potential customers and make use of any excellent feedback left on the site by consumers.

North Texas Organization Honors Educational Heroes

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Score a Goal in the Classroom

For nearly three decades, D&M Leasing has had a strong presence in the communities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas. A premier vehicle-leasing firm with a nationwide client base, D&M Leasing has supported more than 30 charities, including Score a Goal in the Classroom.

Score a Goal in the Classroom is a nonprofit school incentive program that serves more than 500,000 students in public and private schools in north Texas. As part of its mission to support education, Score a Goal in the Classroom sponsors the Bayard H. Friedman Hummer Hero Awards to honor outstanding school employees. The organization gives awards to teachers, administrators, and educational specialists, along with support personnel, such as school custodians and nurses. In addition, the organization has special programs designed to recognize student academic achievement.

As a nonprofit, community-based organization, Score a Goal relies on contributions from donors, such as D&M Leasing, to fund its vital mission. Annual donors can become higher-status founders by committing to a designated level of annual giving.