Tips for Building a Loyal Customer Base

D&M Leasing pic
D&M Leasing

Since 1976, D&M Auto Leasing has helped customers acquire new and used cars that meet their specifications. With offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing is America’s largest consumer auto leasing company, and it credits this fact to its large base of repeat and referral customers.

Winning the loyalty of your customer base is a critical step toward the longevity of your business. For this reason, it’s wise to begin developing customer retention strategies during the planning stages of a new business venture.

The first step to building a returning customer base is centering your business plan on a product or service with recurring value. It’s also important to offer added, non-financial value to your customers to ensure that they’ll return even if they find a better deal. Additionally, meaningful, personalized customer service can go a long way in retaining long-term customers. Develop a system for collecting customers’ names and contact information and, when appropriate, use phone calls and handwritten thank you notes to communicate your appreciation.


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