RMS Listeners Foundation Helps Families of Fallen Police Officers

Russ Martin Show pic
Russ Martin Show
Image: russmartin.fm

D&M Auto Leasing enables drivers to lease the cars of their dreams at affordable rates. Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing has served the Greater Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas since 1976. The company gives back to the Texas community by contributing $300 to the Russ Martin Show (RMS) Listeners Foundation for select vehicles leased by Russ Martin Show listeners.

The RMS Listeners Foundation supports families of fallen police officers and firefighters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When a police officer or firefighter is killed in the line of duty, the tragedy leaves the surviving family members with tremendous expenses at a very vulnerable time. It often takes months or years for federal benefits to reach a grieving spouse.

When a civil servant passes away, the foundation promptly reaches out to his or her loved ones with support and donations. Most recently, the charity was able to give $35,000 to the widow of an Arlington, Texas, police officer on the day of her husband’s death.


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