Tips for Securing Repeat Business

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Since its founding in 1976, D&M Auto Leasing has expanded to include offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas. D&M Auto Leasing has achieved this success largely by providing a level of customer service that encourages repeat patronage.

For a company of any size, it is more cost effective to encourage prior customers to return than to generate new business. It is even more profitable to build a loyal customer base that not only returns without prompting but spreads the word about the company to others. To build such a customer base, a business must provide a high level of service and ensure that customers know the value of that.

Businesses that generate extensive repeat business communicate with their customers regularly. This may involve a phone call updating the customer on service performed and reiterating ways in which the business has gone above and beyond expectations. It may also involve handwritten thank-you notes, service reminders, and even birthday or anniversary cards.

These overtures from a business to its customers serve a critical role in building the relationship. They help the customers to feel a genuine connection to the business itself and at the same time feel valued for their patronage, which in turn instills a sense of loyalty.


Special Olympics Texas Hosts 2016 Fall Classic in College Station

Special Olympics Texas pic
Special Olympics Texas

Leasing hundreds of popular automobiles daily in the Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas in Texas, D&M Auto Leasing prides itself as one of the country’s largest consumer leasing firms. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing supports many charitable endeavors in the state, including Special Olympics Texas.

The Special Olympics offers year-round sports training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities. The Texas chapter, which has four regions with 19 area offices, hosts more than 300 annual competitions on area, regional, and state levels. In addition, it hosts six statewide events: the Fall Classic, the Winter Games, the Summer Games, Equestrian, Sailing/Kayaking, and Flag Football. Approximately every three years the location changes for these events.

The 2016 Fall Classic takes place from October 13 through 15 in College Station. This 16th annual event features opening and closing ceremonies, a victory dance, and wellness park, which offers free healthy athlete screenings. More than 1,300 athletes under the instruction of 300 coaches compete in four sports, such as golf, softball, bocce, and aquatics. Each participant receives a ribbon or medal following their event.

What is Gap Insurance?

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D&M Leasing

D&M Auto Leasing offers car leases to drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston areas. D&M Auto Leasing is the nation’s largest car leasing company, offering an extensive selection at competitive rates. Gap insurance is included in all contracts from D&M Leasing.

Question: What is gap insurance?
Answer: Gap insurance protects car lessees and owners when their vehicle is stolen or totaled before it is paid off. Specifically, gap insurance covers the difference between the value of the vehicle, and the amount owed on the vehicle.

Question: Why is gap insurance important?
Answer: When a vehicle is totaled, insurance companies only pay out what the vehicle was worth. If a vehicle worth $12,000 is totaled when the driver owes $13,000 on it, auto insurance will pay out $12,000 and the driver will be left with a debt for a vehicle that no longer exists. Gap insurance covers that remaining $1,000.

Question: Does gap insurance cover interest?
Answer: Gap insurance does not cover owed interest, nor does it cover any penalties or late fees.