Tips for Securing Repeat Business

D&M Leasing pic
D&M Leasing

Since its founding in 1976, D&M Auto Leasing has expanded to include offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas. D&M Auto Leasing has achieved this success largely by providing a level of customer service that encourages repeat patronage.

For a company of any size, it is more cost effective to encourage prior customers to return than to generate new business. It is even more profitable to build a loyal customer base that not only returns without prompting but spreads the word about the company to others. To build such a customer base, a business must provide a high level of service and ensure that customers know the value of that.

Businesses that generate extensive repeat business communicate with their customers regularly. This may involve a phone call updating the customer on service performed and reiterating ways in which the business has gone above and beyond expectations. It may also involve handwritten thank-you notes, service reminders, and even birthday or anniversary cards.

These overtures from a business to its customers serve a critical role in building the relationship. They help the customers to feel a genuine connection to the business itself and at the same time feel valued for their patronage, which in turn instills a sense of loyalty.


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