Mothers Against Drunk Driving Held North Texas Day of Remembrance

Mothers Against Drunk Driving pic
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Established in 1976 by Don Davis and David Moritz, D&M Auto Leasing is the largest consumer car leasing company in the country. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing supports numerous nonprofit organizations, particularly those with ties to the Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas, with one of those organizations including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Formed more than 35 years ago, MADD began as a way to support victims of crimes performed by those who drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It also sought to increase public awareness on drinking and drugged driving. In 2015, it changed its mission to one that ends drunk driving, fights drugged driving, and supports victims of these crimes.

One Texas-based event sponsored by MADD was its North Texas Day of Remembrance, which occurred at the University of Texas at Arlington on December 3, 2015. The event celebrated lives of those who were affected by drunk or drugged driving as well as underage drinking. Victims participated in a candlelight vigil and decorated a plate to honor their loved ones. This day of remembrance honored Jason Villalba, who is the District 114 State Representative, with the National MADD Legislative Champion Award.


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