FCA Organizes Soccer Clinics in Honduras

Fellowship of Christian Athletes pic
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Image: dfwfca.org

Texas-based D&M Auto Leasing has served Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston since 1976. Beyond serving its customers, D&M Auto Leasing supports a number of charitable organizations, including the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). This group offers a number of meaningful service opportunities to its members, including international mission trips.

The FCA is an international group that began in 1954 with the goal of empowering athletes and coaches at all levels to enhance their faith and improve their communities. The organization espouses four key values: Integrity; Serving; Teamwork; and Excellence.

This summer, FCA members are invited to participate in a Soccer Tour in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. There, athletes and coaches will organize soccer clinics for hundreds of local children as well as serving food, interacting with the community, and working on a local building project. Participants will develop leadership skills, flexibility, and other valuable assets as they engage with a different culture through the medium of an international sport. The tour is scheduled for July 9-16, 2016.


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