Most Popular Car Brands for Leasing Millenials

D&M Leasing pic
D&M Leasing

Although the company operates out of Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing, also known as D&M Leasing, serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston, and other areas. Like specialty dealerships, D&M Auto Leasing provides specific types of vehicles for their clients. The options include the most popular vehicles on the market with different trims, colors, and amenities, including cars with integrated gadgets.

Millenials often choose to lease cars instead of buying them in order to gain access to more expensive, technologically advanced cars they could not afford to purchase. According to Edmunds, a respected car buying platform, Millenials are not only leasing vehicles at a higher rate than the overall automobile buying majority, but they are also looking for larger and more luxurious models. The most popular brands include Dodge Ram, GMC, and Lexus.

Millenials are 30 percent more likely to lease Ram trucks, 26.1 percent GMC, 23.9 percent Lexus, 21.8 percent Jaguar, and 20.5 percent Cadillac. Other car brands they enjoy include Buick, Scion, Subaru, Acura, and Mini.