D&M Auto Leasing – Gap Insurance

GAP Insurance pic
GAP Insurance
Image: dmautoleasing.com

Named the 2016 Dealer of the Year by Dealer Rater, D&M Auto Leasing continues a 40-year tradition of excellence in commercial and personal car leasing. With locations throughout Texas but with a nationwide reach, D&M Auto Leasing provides numerous benefits to those who use its services, such as making gap insurance a standard feature on all of its contracts.

Also known as gap protection, gap insurance covers the difference between what one owes on an automobile and its actual value. It benefits drivers with cars whose actual cash value is less than what they have to pay on their lease or loan. If an accident occurs, the policy holder becomes subject to paying the remainder, which can be costly depending on what remains on the account.

Reasons for this disparity include taking out loans with extended terms, which causes a greater time to build equity in the car; the car naturally depreciating in value; and excess borrowing beyond the purchase price of the car. With a gap insurance policy, drivers can avoid these extra charges and need only pay the deductible, regardless of how much has yet to be paid.


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