D&M Auto Leasing – Special Programs

D&M Leasing pic
D&M Leasing
Image: dmautoleasing.com

In business for 40 years, Texas-based D&M Auto Leasing serves as one of the nation’s leading consumer car leasing companies. Providing personal and commercial leasing options, D&M Auto Leasing also offers special programs, including several specially created for professionals.

Doctors and other medical professionals may turn to D&M’s DoctorAutolease division to find the car that is best for them. The company trains its employees to understand the unique requirements of medical practitioners. A leasing professional interacts with clients and determines the best car to fit their budget, as well as their needs for family and career. Through DoctorAutolease, clients can receive a personal lease that considers factors such as mileage driven per year and money down, and provides them with maximum tax benefit. Beyond that, they may acquire leased medical equipment to enhance their practice.

Similarly, the Attorney’s Auto Lease division focuses on legal professionals. Since its start in Tarrant County, Texas, over a decade ago, it has aided nearly 4,000 lawyers and judges across the United States. To learn more about these and other programs, visit www.dmautoleasing.com.


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