Leasing a car from D&M Leasing, a company with locations in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas, is an easy, user-friendly process. Clients begin by going to the D&M Leasing website, http://www.dmautoleasing.com, where they fill out a simple starter form that gives them access to the company’s custom lease-builder tool. Through the tool, they specify the exact car they want to drive, choosing not only make and model but also more personalized details. Customers view a vast array of cars and features as well as side-by-side comparisons to help them find the options that best fit their particular situations and preferences. Once customers narrow down their desired vehicles, they provide information about their expected driving habits; D&M Leasing then generates a free, personalized quote. D&M Leasing representatives are available by phone or live Internet chat to assist clients with any aspect of this process in real time. After they arrive at an appealing quote, customers next speak with a D&M Leasing representative by phone to make final arrangements. If the company does not currently possess a car matching the customer’s specifications, it will purchase such a car expressly for that customer. Once the vehicle is ready, the company delivers it directly to the client’s location, anywhere in the country and in some cases even internationally, so that he or she never has to leave home. In addition, D&M Leasing assists customers in disposing of their previous vehicles, either by helping them find a buyer and negotiate a good sale price or simply by purchasing the vehicle. The company’s attention to detail at every step of the process has led to its reputation for superior customer service. Over the more than 30 years that the company has been in business, it has established a tremendous record of customer satisfaction; in fact, the majority of its business comes from repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals.


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