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Most Comfortable Luxury Car Features

Luxury Car Features pic
Luxury Car Features

For more than 40 years, D&M Auto Leasing has offered lease packages to consumers in such Texas communities as Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston. D&M Auto Leasing upholds a commitment to helping customers choose the cars and features that best suit their needs.

Contemporary car manufacturers offer a number of luxury features, many of which are included in the seats themselves. Heated seats are nothing new, but temperature-regulated seats have become even more desirable now that ventilated technology has made cooled seats possible as well. Additionally, some models in the luxury market offer massaging seats, which work via the inflating and deflating of small bladders scattered across the seat back.

Other luxury features allow for more on-demand entertainment for passengers. Satellite radio is moving toward being a standard feature, while Bluetooth connectivity is now an affordable option in nearly all makes. Car makers also are offering more advanced auxiliary connections, which allow driver and passengers to control MP3 players through the car console.

These are only a few of the features that car makers are innovating to make driving a more comfortable experience. A dealer or leasing company can share more about these and other comfort features.


Guidelines for Calculating an Affordable Car Payment

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Affordable Car Payment

At D&M Auto Leasing, experienced professionals connect shoppers in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and other Texas communities with cars to suit their needs. The team at D&M Leasing provides quotes that customers can use to determine what type of car they are able to afford.

As a basic rule of thumb, car shoppers should plan to spend no more than 10 to 20 percent of their take-home pay each month, depending on the individual. Experts note that this is a rough guideline that buyers can bypass with some savvy budgeting in other areas, though it can be a good rule when calculating a lease or loan payment.

To determine more specifically how much a shopper can afford, he or she must also consider insurance costs. For both the lessee and the buyer using financing, there may be specific coverage requirements that can affect monthly insurance payments. Calculating insurance may also inspire the shopper to determine such factors as excise tax and gas costs based on the new car’s mileage rating, both of which can differ from one car to another.

Finally, the shopper needs to determine what features are needs and which are wants. Those who have particular cars in mind may choose to turn down options that are less important so that they can afford those makes or models.

Car Features for Families

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Car Features for Families

D&M Auto Leasing provides car financing to individuals and families across Texas, including those in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Grand Prairie areas. D&M Auto Leasing upholds a commitment to helping each client choose a car and associated features.

Although there is no one model or even type of car that suits families best, there are a number of features that parents tend to appreciate. The most important are related to safety. Experts recommend that all families have cars that have five-star safety ratings and include anti-lock brakes, traction control, curtain airbags, and other similar safeguards. Many families also seek out backup cameras, blind-spot warning systems, and other more advanced technologies targeted at informing the driver of hazards in his or her surroundings.

Because the comfort of young passengers is important to parents, family cars often feature sun shades to keep bright glare out of children’s eyes. Rear air vents help keep the backseat appropriately warm or cool, and third-row seating also provides extra comfort, especially as kids grow.

Families also appreciate convenience features, particularly those that free the adult’s hands to care for children. Bluetooth is particularly popular, as are power sliding doors and power tailgates. These are also helpful in allowing children to open and close doors by themselves, a particularly useful support when the driver has bags to carry. This happens often when families travel, so plenty of storage is also key in helping the family to travel in comfort.

D&M Leasing Personal Leasing Services

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D&M Auto Leasing

For more than four decades, D&M Auto Leasing has served clients throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas, areas. As a result of the company’s success, D&M Auto Leasing now leases vehicles and equipment on the national stage as the largest consumer car leasing business. D&M Leasing provides various leasing services, including personal leasing.

Personal leasing services have been streamlined in a number of ways, starting with the company’s ability to recognize precisely what type of vehicle or equipment a customer needs and identify a brand that meets those needs without overextending or taking advantage of the consumer with expensive bells and whistles.

Approximately 75 percent of D&M business can be attributed to referrals or repeat clients. This is a reflection of dedicated customer care, which can be seen during the trade-in component of personal leasing services. The company strives to provide customers with the highest value for each trade-in, even if D&M is not purchasing the vehicle but acting as a facilitator on behalf of another retailer.

All personal leasing processes can be completed over the phone, and customers can expect vehicle delivery directly to their location. To learn more about personal leasing services, including the EX Lease program, please visit

A Few Advantages of Leasing an Automobile


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Leasing an Automobile

D&M Auto Leasing has leased thousands of vehicles since the company opened in 1976, and 75 percent of its business comes from referrals or repeat customers. That means customers appreciate D&M’s service. The largest auto leasing company in America, D&M Auto Leasing has locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston.

Americans leased more cars in 2016 than any previous year, but many consumers are still unsure of the advantages of leasing a car over buying one. The first major advantage is that customers do not have to put down as much money up front, which makes an expensive car more affordable.

Leased cars used for business purposes are a direct write-off, and there is no need to amortize or keep track of mileage. Leased cars are also easy to upgrade to the latest model every two or three years.

Many people are concerned about not owning anything after making all the payments on a leased car. Unfortunately, even if you purchase a car, it is a depreciating asset. When a new car is driven off the lot, 20 percent of its value is already gone, and by the time the car is paid for, it is worth very little on the open market.

Commercial Leasing with D&M Auto


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D&M Leasing

Established in 1976, D&M Auto Leasing now ranks as the nation’s largest consumer car leasing company. Over the years, the organization has established locations throughout the state of Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston. D&M Auto Leasing provides clients with a variety of services, including a number of both personal and commercial leasing options.

Companies that partner with D&M on commercial leasing deals enjoy all the benefits that an experienced, fully equipped automobile fleet and equipment leasing company can offer. With trained professionals managing leasing activities down to the finest detail, commercial clients can focus entirely on business operations and strategy.

There are several benefits that come with commercial leasing, including the ability to immediately lease most marketplace vehicles the moment the need arises, customizable leasing structures and financing programs that allow for optimized business operations over the lifetime of the lease, and the ability to lease equipment using pre-tax dollars opposed to after-tax profits. Perhaps most importantly, commercial leasing services can help businesses extend payments over a predetermined period of time, thus preserving a company’s available capital and increasing company value.

To learn more or for contact information on various dealership locations, please visit

Leasing a Used Vehicle


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EZ Lease

In their over 40 years of business, D&M Auto Leasing has become the largest consumer vehicle leasing company in America. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing offers leases on both new and used cars.

While one of the advantages of leasing is getting a new vehicle every few years, sometimes leasing a used one proves more beneficial to your wallet. Thanks to a lower residual value, leasing a pre-owned car can lead to lower monthly payments. With new cars, the best deals often come from vehicles with high residual values, but since used vehicles have already depreciated from their original value, the lower residuals work to your advantage.

Another advantage of leasing a new vehicle is the manufacturer’s warranty, which often translates to low-cost or free repairs covered under the warranty. However, this may still be an option for leasing a used car. Some carmakers, like Lexus, offer certified pre-owned warranties for leasing their used vehicles. D&M Leasing suggests always leasing a used vehicle that comes with a certified pre-owned warranty, decreasing your chances of having to pay out of pocket for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

New car sales in 2015 hit a record high, leaving plenty of pre-owned vehicles for leasing. As the market and demand for pre-owned leases grows, so too will the benefits, as automakers compete to offer the best deals to you, the lessee.