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MADD Works to Reduce Drunk Driving Incidents

Mothers Against Drunk Driving pic
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing has expanded to include Grand Prairie, Houston, and Fort Worth, making it one of the largest consumer car leasing companies in the United States. Highly rated by its customers, D&M Auto Leasing supports more than 20 charities, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Founded in 1980 by a mother who lost her daughter in a drunk driving accident, MADD strives to stop underage drinking and reduce the number of drunk driving accidents and fatalities. According to the organization’s statistics, 28 people are killed every day due to drunk driving, and every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash.

Those interesting in supporting victims and survivors of drunk driving through MADD can volunteer, participate in a MADD-sponsored event, or make a donation. Although any amount of money is welcome, MADD encourages giving a “bear hug,” which, for $35, provides a teddy bear to a child affected by drunk driving.


Eradicating Poverty through Wage Equality for Women

Dress for Success pic
Dress for Success

Established in 1976, D&M Auto Leasing offers services in Grand Prairie, Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Texas, and has grown to become the largest consumer car leasing company in the United States. Besides matching clients with cars that meet their needs, D&M Auto Leasing supports a number of charitable activities including Dress for Success, an organization that seeks to economically empower women to achieve success.

As of 2014, up to 15 percent of the US population was living in poverty. This means an estimated 50 million residents did not have access to adequate food, health, sanitation, and clothing. Encouraging economic independence for women is one way of lessening poverty.

Ensuring equal pay for women is an important path to promoting their economic independence. Despite making monumental gains in the area of equal and fair treatment, women in the United States are still paid up to 30 percent less than their male counterparts for doing similar work. In 2014, the average income for women working full time was $39,621, while that for men was $50,383. Such wage inequality is the reason a large number of women fall below the poverty line.

Institutions should play a greater role in promoting and implementing equal-pay-for-equal-work policies. In addition, women can play an important part by requesting raises and promotions based on merit. They can also encourage other women to speak up so their voices can be heard within the work environment.

FCA Organizes Soccer Clinics in Honduras

Fellowship of Christian Athletes pic
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Texas-based D&M Auto Leasing has served Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston since 1976. Beyond serving its customers, D&M Auto Leasing supports a number of charitable organizations, including the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). This group offers a number of meaningful service opportunities to its members, including international mission trips.

The FCA is an international group that began in 1954 with the goal of empowering athletes and coaches at all levels to enhance their faith and improve their communities. The organization espouses four key values: Integrity; Serving; Teamwork; and Excellence.

This summer, FCA members are invited to participate in a Soccer Tour in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. There, athletes and coaches will organize soccer clinics for hundreds of local children as well as serving food, interacting with the community, and working on a local building project. Participants will develop leadership skills, flexibility, and other valuable assets as they engage with a different culture through the medium of an international sport. The tour is scheduled for July 9-16, 2016.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Held North Texas Day of Remembrance

Mothers Against Drunk Driving pic
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Established in 1976 by Don Davis and David Moritz, D&M Auto Leasing is the largest consumer car leasing company in the country. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing supports numerous nonprofit organizations, particularly those with ties to the Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas, with one of those organizations including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Formed more than 35 years ago, MADD began as a way to support victims of crimes performed by those who drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It also sought to increase public awareness on drinking and drugged driving. In 2015, it changed its mission to one that ends drunk driving, fights drugged driving, and supports victims of these crimes.

One Texas-based event sponsored by MADD was its North Texas Day of Remembrance, which occurred at the University of Texas at Arlington on December 3, 2015. The event celebrated lives of those who were affected by drunk or drugged driving as well as underage drinking. Victims participated in a candlelight vigil and decorated a plate to honor their loved ones. This day of remembrance honored Jason Villalba, who is the District 114 State Representative, with the National MADD Legislative Champion Award.

Special Olympics Texas Hosts 2016 Fall Classic in College Station

Special Olympics Texas pic
Special Olympics Texas

Leasing hundreds of popular automobiles daily in the Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas in Texas, D&M Auto Leasing prides itself as one of the country’s largest consumer leasing firms. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing supports many charitable endeavors in the state, including Special Olympics Texas.

The Special Olympics offers year-round sports training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities. The Texas chapter, which has four regions with 19 area offices, hosts more than 300 annual competitions on area, regional, and state levels. In addition, it hosts six statewide events: the Fall Classic, the Winter Games, the Summer Games, Equestrian, Sailing/Kayaking, and Flag Football. Approximately every three years the location changes for these events.

The 2016 Fall Classic takes place from October 13 through 15 in College Station. This 16th annual event features opening and closing ceremonies, a victory dance, and wellness park, which offers free healthy athlete screenings. More than 1,300 athletes under the instruction of 300 coaches compete in four sports, such as golf, softball, bocce, and aquatics. Each participant receives a ribbon or medal following their event.

RMS Listeners Foundation Helps Families of Fallen Police Officers

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Russ Martin Show

D&M Auto Leasing enables drivers to lease the cars of their dreams at affordable rates. Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing has served the Greater Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas since 1976. The company gives back to the Texas community by contributing $300 to the Russ Martin Show (RMS) Listeners Foundation for select vehicles leased by Russ Martin Show listeners.

The RMS Listeners Foundation supports families of fallen police officers and firefighters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When a police officer or firefighter is killed in the line of duty, the tragedy leaves the surviving family members with tremendous expenses at a very vulnerable time. It often takes months or years for federal benefits to reach a grieving spouse.

When a civil servant passes away, the foundation promptly reaches out to his or her loved ones with support and donations. Most recently, the charity was able to give $35,000 to the widow of an Arlington, Texas, police officer on the day of her husband’s death.

Miss Texas Organization Sponsors Weeklong Pageant Title Event

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D&M Leasing

Established by two Dallas-area automobile dealers, D&M Auto Leasing is one of the largest consumer car leasing companies in the country. Based out of Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Leasing contributes to numerous nonprofits around the Fort Worth and Houston areas, including Miss Texas Pageant, Inc. and its scholarship foundation.

Founded in 1937, the Miss Texas competition provides personal and professional opportunities for young women in Texas. In addition, it provides a statewide forum for these women to express their accomplishments and viewpoints to others.

Each year, the organization hosts its Miss Texas and Miss Texas Outstanding Teen Pageant Week; the 2016 week is scheduled for June 25 through July 2. Held at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel, the event includes a red-carpet gala, preliminary elimination rounds, and a wrap-up party. Hundreds of women participate in local pageants, and the finalists compete for the statewide title. The event culminates with the crowning of Miss Texas and Miss Texas Outstanding Teen 2016, along with an awards reception. In 2015, the event crowned Shannon Sanderford as Miss Texas, and Addy Jackson earned recognition as Miss Texas Outstanding Teen.