Caring for Your Leased Car

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As the largest leasing company in the United States, D&M Auto Leasing works closely with each client to determine a suitable lease agreement. D&M Auto Leasing also helps clients to understand and work within the terms of each lease.

To minimize any fees or expenses at the expiration of a lease, the driver must treat the car responsibly and keep it as free from damage as possible. Most lease agreements require the signer to pay for what is known as “excess wear and tear,” the details of which are delineated in all lease agreements. Common damage that is the responsibility of the lessee include dents, stains, and scratches.

Experts recommend caring for one’s leased car as though it were a rental. This is in fact an accurate mindset, as the car does belong to the leasing company. Such care includes attention to routine maintenance, including tire inflation and oil changes.

Regular oil changes are necessary to keep the leased car’s engine working well and under warranty. This is an important factor for the lessee, as an improperly maintained engine can justify a fee at the lease’s end. Similarly, the lessee must take care to regularly rotate tires and check for proper inflation, as these steps are crucial to avoiding excess tire wear.

Care of a leased car also includes attention to its exterior condition. This is an easy step to miss but very important, particularly for those lessees that live in areas where snow and salt can damage a car’s finish. Regardless of the car’s garaging location, regular washes are key to avoiding paint damage from bird droppings and other environmental hazards.

Score a Goal in the Classroom Recognizes Students and Teachers

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Score a Goal in the Classroom


Based in Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing has ties all over the state, from the Dallas/Fort Worth area to Houston. Since its inception in 1976, D&M Auto Leasing has provided thousands of happy customers with vehicles; additionally, it is deeply involved in the communities it serves and contributes to charities such as Score a Goal in the Classroom.

Working to encourage and motivate students from kindergarten through twelfth grade, Score a Goal in the Classroom rewards those who demonstrate efforts to raise their grades, achieve good attendance, and overall become more responsible citizens. In the 1999-2000 school year, 34 school districts and 19 private schools in three different Texas counties participated in Score a Goal in the Classroom.

Score a Goal in the Classroom is a collaborative effort among the schools, entertainment venues, professional sports, and the business sector. These organizations contribute their time, efforts, and financial assistance in support of education. The nonprofit also hosts the Bayard H. Friedman Hero Award, which recognizes an outstanding school employee within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Score a Goal in the Classroom hosts meetings every third Wednesday of the month at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort Worth.

Mileage Factors and Trading in a Car


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D&M Leasing

Originally formed in 1976, D&M Auto Leasing today reaches thousands of customers across the country. In addition to providing plenty of options for people looking for a new car, D&M Auto Leasing also works with them to help them determine the best time to do a trade-in.

When considering whether or not to trade your car in for a new vehicle, consider the car’s mileage. The distance the car has been driven over its life is a key determinant of the market value the car can receive, and can serve as an indicator of likelihood of future repairs as well.

For instance, cars under 40,000 miles on them can command an excellent trade-in or sale price. In fact, around 36,000 miles may be the best time to do this type of transaction. Many vehicle warranties expire at around this time, as they assume the car has been driven about 12,000 miles annually for three years. Additionally, close to this period of time, the car may begin to require non-routine maintenance for parts of the car such as the tires and brakes, making a trade in for a different car especially compelling.

As the car gets older, reaching the 60,000 to 70,000 mile mark, repair expenses and unexpected costs tend to become larger. Many people think it’s a good idea to hold onto their vehicles longer, putting over 100,000 miles on them, rather than trade. However, they need to keep in mind that eventually a great deal of parts will need to be replaced, and it might be better to start over with a new car than deal with the cost of maintaining an aging car.

Signs You Need to Trade an Old Car

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D&M Auto Leasing

Based in Texas, D&M Auto Leasing provides quality services for its thousands of customers. For instance, D&M Auto Leasing strives to make getting a leased car straightforward and convenient.

Many people might feel hesitant to let go of a car that they’ve had for a while. They might mistakenly think that they can’t afford a newer vehicle, or they may think that doing so is too complicated. However, there are a number of instances where it makes good sense to make the switch.

A key reason is that as a car ages, it depreciates in value, while at the same time requiring more upkeep. A possible indicator of this becoming a problem is the check engine light. Many people notice that this light has come on and take the car to be checked out, only to have a service technician be unable to identify or fix the problem. They then decide to just ignore the light on the dash. While pretending the problem isn’t there can seem easier, it can lead to more serious problems, even a breakdown. Dangerous and costly, breakdowns are a clear sign that you would benefit from a replacement vehicle.

In addition to considering the rising maintenance costs of older cars, think about the cost of gas. Many older cars require much more gasoline than new, more gas-efficient models, and with prices often going up, this can take a toll on your finances. Finally, you may begin to worry at inspection time that your older car will not pass. If you dread taking your car in because you suspect they will find a problem, a newer car can provide you with peace of mind.

D&M Auto Leasing – Special Programs

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D&M Leasing

In business for 40 years, Texas-based D&M Auto Leasing serves as one of the nation’s leading consumer car leasing companies. Providing personal and commercial leasing options, D&M Auto Leasing also offers special programs, including several specially created for professionals.

Doctors and other medical professionals may turn to D&M’s DoctorAutolease division to find the car that is best for them. The company trains its employees to understand the unique requirements of medical practitioners. A leasing professional interacts with clients and determines the best car to fit their budget, as well as their needs for family and career. Through DoctorAutolease, clients can receive a personal lease that considers factors such as mileage driven per year and money down, and provides them with maximum tax benefit. Beyond that, they may acquire leased medical equipment to enhance their practice.

Similarly, the Attorney’s Auto Lease division focuses on legal professionals. Since its start in Tarrant County, Texas, over a decade ago, it has aided nearly 4,000 lawyers and judges across the United States. To learn more about these and other programs, visit

D&M Auto Leasing – Gap Insurance

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GAP Insurance

Named the 2016 Dealer of the Year by Dealer Rater, D&M Auto Leasing continues a 40-year tradition of excellence in commercial and personal car leasing. With locations throughout Texas but with a nationwide reach, D&M Auto Leasing provides numerous benefits to those who use its services, such as making gap insurance a standard feature on all of its contracts.

Also known as gap protection, gap insurance covers the difference between what one owes on an automobile and its actual value. It benefits drivers with cars whose actual cash value is less than what they have to pay on their lease or loan. If an accident occurs, the policy holder becomes subject to paying the remainder, which can be costly depending on what remains on the account.

Reasons for this disparity include taking out loans with extended terms, which causes a greater time to build equity in the car; the car naturally depreciating in value; and excess borrowing beyond the purchase price of the car. With a gap insurance policy, drivers can avoid these extra charges and need only pay the deductible, regardless of how much has yet to be paid.

Most Popular Car Brands for Leasing Millenials

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D&M Leasing

Although the company operates out of Grand Prairie, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing, also known as D&M Leasing, serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston, and other areas. Like specialty dealerships, D&M Auto Leasing provides specific types of vehicles for their clients. The options include the most popular vehicles on the market with different trims, colors, and amenities, including cars with integrated gadgets.

Millenials often choose to lease cars instead of buying them in order to gain access to more expensive, technologically advanced cars they could not afford to purchase. According to Edmunds, a respected car buying platform, Millenials are not only leasing vehicles at a higher rate than the overall automobile buying majority, but they are also looking for larger and more luxurious models. The most popular brands include Dodge Ram, GMC, and Lexus.

Millenials are 30 percent more likely to lease Ram trucks, 26.1 percent GMC, 23.9 percent Lexus, 21.8 percent Jaguar, and 20.5 percent Cadillac. Other car brands they enjoy include Buick, Scion, Subaru, Acura, and Mini.