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The Benefits of Commercial Leasing

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D&M Leasing
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D&M Auto Leasing is a consumer leasing company with locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Grand Prairie, Texas. Named 2016 Dealer of the Year by DealerRater.com, D&M Leasing provides both commercial and personal auto leasing for its customers. Find information about the benefits of commercial leasing below.

1. Many businesses need their vehicles to have the latest technology and equipment. Since trade cycles are shorter when leasing a vehicle, a business will be able to upgrade vehicles more quickly than if they were owned.

2. If a business does not have its own mechanics, a lease that includes maintenance is highly beneficial and will keep staffing and repair costs low.

3. Leasing commercial vehicles can increase the value of a company as opposed to buying, since a lease does not appear as debt on a financial report.

4. Some leasing companies provide commercial lessees with a fuel-management program that includes preventative maintenance, odometer readings, and discounts to track fuel spending.


Four Benefits to Leasing a Car

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D&M Leasing
Image: dmautoleasing.com

With locations in Grand Prairie, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, D&M Leasing has become the largest consumer automobile leasing firm in the country and serves customers throughout Texas. D&M Leasing provides custom-tailored leases through an experienced team. Auto leases offer a number of benefits over purchasing, such as the following.

1. New car options. Automobile leases provide customers with a new car every two to four years and include options for new and late-model vehicles. This also grants customers access to new technology features and allows them to potentially avoid expensive repair and restoration bills often associated with used cars.

2. Lower expense. Leasing can cost less than purchasing a new vehicle and often consists of lower monthly payments. Additionally, leasing does not require customers to make an initial down payment with the exception of promotional deals.

3. Avoid ownership liabilities. Cars can begin to deteriorate and decrease in value over time, which can put owners in the position of needing to pay for expensive repairs or needing to purchase a new one before the vehicle is paid off. Leases eliminate these risks with standard GAP insurance and bumper-to-bumper warranties.

4. Reduced sales tax. Most states in the US and Canada do not charge sales tax on the entire value of a leased vehicle and instead only charge customers based on the portion of value used over the course of lease’s duration. Additionally, taxes are divided among monthly payments, which lessens the burden of a tax bill.

Leasing a Used Vehicle Offers Many Benefits

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D&M Leasing
Image: dmautoleasing.com

At Texas-based D&M Auto Leasing, consumer and business customers can lease vehicles through locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston. To serve the needs of its customers, D&M Leasing offers options for used-vehicle leases, which provide access to quality pre-owned vehicles with modest monthly payments.

When leasing a used vehicle, individuals gain the same benefits as they do with a new-vehicle lease, such as a hassle-free return at the contract’s end. Also, since lease payments cover the cost of depreciation of a vehicle, the payments are often significantly lower than those for a new car. Often, lessees find it beneficial to pursue leases on high-quality vehicles that retain their value, such as luxury vehicles or sport utility vehicles.

Before leasing a used vehicle, individuals should check out its history and have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic. By working with a proven vehicle leasing provider, such as D&M Leasing, people can enjoy all the benefits of leasing a used vehicle.

The Benefits of Corporate Car Leasing

Based in Grand Prairie, Texas, and serving clients throughout the Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas, D&M Auto Leasing has provided corporate clients with reliable car leases for more than three decades. Thanks in part to a skilled customer service staff, D&M Leasing clients can enjoy all the financial advantages of leasing corporate cars rather than purchasing.

Businesses that find themselves acquiring and using multiple vehicles per year may benefit from leasing a fleet of cars instead. The decision to lease allows a company to replenish and update their fleet on an annual or bi-annual basis and to maintain a progressive image in the public eye.

Corporate leasing also can yield a number of financial benefits, including tax deductions. A leased automobile generally carries fewer upfront costs than a new car, while demanding less maintenance and repairs. Monthly insurance rates on a leased car, meanwhile, can come in at just 50 percent that of purchased cars. These savings can be directed to more important business ventures and used to strengthen a company’s bottom line. Interested businesses can fund their initial foray into leasing by liquidating their current vehicle assets.