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Car Features for Families

Car Features for Families pic
Car Features for Families
Image: dmautoleasing.com

D&M Auto Leasing provides car financing to individuals and families across Texas, including those in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Grand Prairie areas. D&M Auto Leasing upholds a commitment to helping each client choose a car and associated features.

Although there is no one model or even type of car that suits families best, there are a number of features that parents tend to appreciate. The most important are related to safety. Experts recommend that all families have cars that have five-star safety ratings and include anti-lock brakes, traction control, curtain airbags, and other similar safeguards. Many families also seek out backup cameras, blind-spot warning systems, and other more advanced technologies targeted at informing the driver of hazards in his or her surroundings.

Because the comfort of young passengers is important to parents, family cars often feature sun shades to keep bright glare out of children’s eyes. Rear air vents help keep the backseat appropriately warm or cool, and third-row seating also provides extra comfort, especially as kids grow.

Families also appreciate convenience features, particularly those that free the adult’s hands to care for children. Bluetooth is particularly popular, as are power sliding doors and power tailgates. These are also helpful in allowing children to open and close doors by themselves, a particularly useful support when the driver has bags to carry. This happens often when families travel, so plenty of storage is also key in helping the family to travel in comfort.