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Leasing a Used Vehicle


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In their over 40 years of business, D&M Auto Leasing has become the largest consumer vehicle leasing company in America. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas, D&M Auto Leasing offers leases on both new and used cars.

While one of the advantages of leasing is getting a new vehicle every few years, sometimes leasing a used one proves more beneficial to your wallet. Thanks to a lower residual value, leasing a pre-owned car can lead to lower monthly payments. With new cars, the best deals often come from vehicles with high residual values, but since used vehicles have already depreciated from their original value, the lower residuals work to your advantage.

Another advantage of leasing a new vehicle is the manufacturer’s warranty, which often translates to low-cost or free repairs covered under the warranty. However, this may still be an option for leasing a used car. Some carmakers, like Lexus, offer certified pre-owned warranties for leasing their used vehicles. D&M Leasing suggests always leasing a used vehicle that comes with a certified pre-owned warranty, decreasing your chances of having to pay out of pocket for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

New car sales in 2015 hit a record high, leaving plenty of pre-owned vehicles for leasing. As the market and demand for pre-owned leases grows, so too will the benefits, as automakers compete to offer the best deals to you, the lessee.


Leasing a Used Vehicle Offers Many Benefits

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D&M Leasing
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At Texas-based D&M Auto Leasing, consumer and business customers can lease vehicles through locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Houston. To serve the needs of its customers, D&M Leasing offers options for used-vehicle leases, which provide access to quality pre-owned vehicles with modest monthly payments.

When leasing a used vehicle, individuals gain the same benefits as they do with a new-vehicle lease, such as a hassle-free return at the contract’s end. Also, since lease payments cover the cost of depreciation of a vehicle, the payments are often significantly lower than those for a new car. Often, lessees find it beneficial to pursue leases on high-quality vehicles that retain their value, such as luxury vehicles or sport utility vehicles.

Before leasing a used vehicle, individuals should check out its history and have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic. By working with a proven vehicle leasing provider, such as D&M Leasing, people can enjoy all the benefits of leasing a used vehicle.